Bradley Harris

NFL Extends digital footprint with Windows phone & tablet


While working at Xtreme Labs I was tasked to provide a design for the Windows Surface and Phone, the iOS application had already been designed so the feature set was well defined. One of the biggest challenges was adapting Microsofts native controls into a pre-defined design.

Because the existing iOS design had already been completed and approved by the NFL the initial design process involved trying to adapt an asset heavy (remember skeuomorphism) iOS design into a metro style interface, Yikes!. Needless to say the design task alone was fairly difficult, but even more so was the technical task. Windows was a relatively new platform in 2013 and not too many developers or designers had worked on the system before. The initial design concepts mirrored the existing iOS design closely, when they were tested on the platform the results were catastrophic! The performance was absolutely abysmal. It took a lot of convincing to adopt a native approach to the application, thankfully strong arguments & evidence for usability and performance helped convince the NFL to give us the go-ahead.

The end result was a beautiful native Windows application: