I understand the importance of rapid idea generation & validation.


My process allows me to generate concepts, test and re-test rapidly. The approach is not about avoiding mistakes but rather to explore as many as possible mistakes and find the ideas with the most traction.


01. rapid Idea generation

Generate ideas in rapid succession in order to explore as many avenues as possible.

  • Sketching/white-boarding
  • Generative workshops

02. Concept generation

Turn the most salient ideas into actionable prototypes that emulate the desired experience.

  • User Interface design
  • Paper prototypes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Service prototypes

03. Concept validation

Validate concepts with your current and future users, concepts with the most traction are re-tested.

  • Usability workshops
  • Storyboarding
  • Service role-play

Discovery/Exploration  |  Create & Evaluate |  Implementation/Execution  |  Mentor & Monitor