Bradley Harris

I solve complex problems through research & design.


I have a wealth of experience delivering products centred around amazing user experiences. Built with processes and methodologies used by the best, design driven companies in the world. 


Service Offerings

Although design processes are typically nonlinear, I articulate the structure as follows. 

01. DISCOVERY / exploration

Gain a clear understanding of your situation form the perspective of current and future users. No matter where you are in your product journey the tools used in this step are crucial for a successful design engagement.

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02. Create & Evaluate

This stage is all about testing and re-testing ideas and prototype concepts. The approach is not about avoiding mistakes but rather to explore as many as possible mistakes.

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03. implementation / execution

Validated ideas will be implemented, executed and continually tested with users, employees and any relevant stakeholders. 

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04. MENTOR & monitor

After your experience has been implemented & executed I can provide continued mentorship for your team or individuals to learn the processes and methodologies I use so that you may grow this type of capability internally within your business.


Selected Works


Selected Clients

Some of the clients and companies i've worked with and for.